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Korean glass skin facial is an aesthetic procedure that helps people develop translucent, baby-like skin. Long before it became widely known across the world as “glass skin” treatment, it had been popularized by K-culture – which describes the world of Korean celebrities. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to travel to Korea to have this procedure.

You can get a Korean glass skin facial in India at De Elite Clinic. De Elite Clinic has the appropriate tools and resources for this procedure to help turn your skin glassy. Again, the aestheticians on call have gained mastery of this amazing facial treatment that has now become one of the raves of the cosmetic industry.

The Procedure

The Korean glass skin facial is an intensive protocol, and it is achieved through a series of steps that involve:

Double Cleansing

The treatment begins with the aesthetician thoroughly cleansing your face to get rid of dirt or debris, as well as the residues deposited with the use of makeup. A mild cleanser is first used on the skin and a foamy or water-based cleanser is used thereafter. At the end of this cleansing, your skin turns out tender and slightly moist. This double cleansing opens up the pores to loosen the debris that had been domiciled therein.


The objective of exfoliation is to get rid of dead skin cells and any other elements that may be left on the skin. This is more like leaving no stones unturned as the aesthetician focuses on actualizing the best glass skin outcome.


Toning is intended to further prep the skin to receive the other products that would be applied to it. It increases the skin’s receptiveness and ensures the stabilization of the pH of the skin. The formulations used in this stage are such that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Application of Essence

Up next is the application of essence, a lightweight, water-based formulation, that further aids in ensuring that the skin absorbs products that will be subsequently incorporated better. The active ingredient, in Essence, is hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in the skin.

Serum Spray

The serum is now applied to improve the tone of the skin and get rid of the fine lines that might be present. The serum is sprayed at a high-pressurized rate, using a specialized device, to ensure deep penetration. The serum also helps to keep the skin appreciably hydrated. The serum used is such that encourages the hydration of the skin and makes it (that is, the skin) evenly toned. At The Esthetic Clinics, the dermatologist utilizes and recommends serum with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential ingredients that promote the health of the skin.


The aesthetician will apply a lightweight moisturizer, and this is done to yet hydrate the skin. More so, the translucence that evolves with glass skin is sustained with an immense level of hydration. To cap it all up; sunscreen is applied on the skin to protect from sunlight and a mask is recommended for the patient. This mask is intended at seeing to it that the skin is not easily dehydrated. Do note that every product that is to be used for your Korean glass skin facial must be suitable for your skin type. This is one of the reasons you should schedule an initial appointment with the specialist. Besides, it is at this point that you will be able to obtain precise details about your Korean glass skin facial treatment cost in India.

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