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The Curriculum for Part 1: [In Collaboration with brow Academy]
Dr. Raadha - Founder - De Elite Clinic 

  • Microblading (Live model hands-on) 

  • Ombre-powder brows (Live model hands-on) 

  • Eyebrow mapping

  • Color science for permanent makeup 

  • Lip micro pigmentation (Live model hands-on) 

  • Client journey (inquiry to conversion) 

  • Consultation for permanent makeup 

  • Pre-care, aftercare for microblading & PMU 

  • Photography in permanent makeup  

Curriculum for Part 2 :

Dr. Raadha - Founder - De Elite Clinic 

  • Medi Facials (Live model hands-on)

  • BB Glow (Live model hands-on)

  • LED mask Therapy.

  • Signature Medi-facials and Variations

Why should you enroll for this course with us?

This simple fellowship program gives many benefits to the trained professionals.

You will have the option to start your own setup.

Film and fashion industry as a consultant or an expert in makeup and beauty procedures like Medi-facials.

You can offer freelance makeup and beauty services to clients and earn more revenue.

What will you learn?

The course is focused on the practical aspects of cosmetology in permanent make up and Medi-facials as well as BB glow therapy. Every topic is presented by the experts through the means of theoretical description and then followed by the demonstration of techniques on real patients. This is a great help for professionals who are just entering in the field of cosmetology as this teaching method by our experts gives them a clear understanding of implementation of  theoretic knowledge. The scope of fellowship in advanced cosmetology includes:

  • Skin Anatomy and Functions: This is necessary to understand the tone and texture of different skin types.

  • Face therapies and beauty technologies are used including assessment of symmetry and proportion.

  • Techniques used for skin care, their understanding, and development of correct skills.

  • Professional ethics and protocols.

Personal and clinic hygiene guidelines

Medi-facials: Types, process, techniques (taught with hands-on training), and ingredients.
BB (semi-permanent foundation): Process and hands-on training on application and shade variations.

Practical experience in Microblading with hands-on practice on a live model. This is the most popular form of PMU. This technique creates and illusion of fuller brows.

Ombre powder brows techniques with practice on live model hands-on to use the airbrushing technique to give a fuller and more natural look to the brows.

Eyebrow Mapping

Color science for permanent makeup
Lip micro pigmentation which is a common technique for enhancing natural lip colors and their shape.

Client conversion tricks and techniques
Pre and aftercare after different permanent makeup applications
Photography in permanent makeup is an important aspect of client retention.


Qualified  and practising medical graduates,, MS, MD doctors desirous to learn cosmetology treatments like Medi-facials, BB glow and permanent make up ( micropigmentation) can apply for this course.

This course is also a perfect fit for salon owners, beauty practitioners and makeup artists who are looking to upgrade their services and expand their business.

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