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The trichology course includes the most advanced therapies along with Consultations, Diagnosis & then Treatment with Machines & products like autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cells, Mesotherapy's concentrated hair masks, and serums so as to halt the progress of Alopecia which becoming an increasingly common problem among the younger population. Students get unlimited hands-on experience with Practical's and case studies, which allows them to see how real consultations, treatments, and check-ups are done. 

The course will help to identify which types of hair loss are treatable and which types of hair loss are not treatable. You will learn the latest treatment technologies including a laser for hair loss therapy, topical DHT Blocker, SMP, PRP, Hair Camouflage, etc.


Students will learn the course & complete the full duration with detailed theory lectures, eventually moving on to hands-on practical lessons on live clients.


There are plenty of career choices like becoming a Trichologist, Consultant, Operating Partner, Assistant, Technician, etc. You also get a chance to set up your own independent, successful business which offers a high financial reward along with flexibility.

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